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Seoul – ‘Soul of City’ - Ceramics and Architecture Dialogues

Lunes 10 Noviembre 2014

Seoul  – ‘Soul of City’ - Ceramics and Architecture Dialogues

Wednesday, November 19th  
@ The Fradia
121-9 Hangang Park, Jamwondong Seochogu, Seoul

Hr. 15.30

Hr. 16.00
Welcome greetings 
Byun Yong, Chair of the Council of the Fellows, KIA
Introduction by The Plan – arch. Lorena Alessio
Marazzi movie + presentation – Fabrizio Montanari

Hr. 17.00 
Keynote speakers lectures
Arch. Benedetto Camerana – Camerana&Partners
Professor Kim Keyhow, Dean of Graduate School of Urban Sciences, University of Seoul 

Hr. 18.00 
Wrapping up by 
Jong Ryule Hahn, KIA and FIKA President
Closing by arch. Lorena Alessio

Hr. 18.00 – 20.00 
Cocktail and Triennale game 

Would you like to participate at the event? Confirm your presence here.