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Monolith: stone-look stoneware for a modern restaurant.

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Monolith: stone-look stoneware for a modern restaurant. - 1

Marazzi technical stoneware for a contract location exposed to heavy traffic.

In Modena, a multi-function café and restaurant furnished in eclectic style chooses a porphyry-look stoneware for all its floorings.
A location which aims to offer a "complete break" formula, with a variety of options for customers to choose from: breakfast, coffee shop, restaurant, wine bar, cocktail bar.
A square interior 370 m2 in area, which architect Flavia Rimondi and Costa Group, who created the project, decided to arrange around a large central island counter, facing onto all the venue's various zones, furnished with materials and styles chosen to reflect all the different souls of Negresco, Modena.

Monolith by Marazzi, selected in Black in the 60x120 cm size for all the floorings, provides continuity in the interior design scheme, a unifying motif in the eclectic, multi-faceted character of a location where customers come across groups of small wood or metal tables for meals or quick breakfasts, a casual area for relaxing on a sofa with a glass of good wine, and a carved wooden bench for lingering over a coffee.
The effect is completed, on the walls, by striking decorations that blend into the colours of the interior design scheme, which range from bronze to gold, from maroon to copper and from white to black.

Flavia Rimondi chose Marazzi's Monolith porcelain stoneware for its very tactile surface, typical of the porphyries which inspire the collection, and its technical characteristics, with all the abrasion resistance and impact-strength the flooring has to guarantee.

The collection comprises 4 colours (white, black, grey and wengè), 3 sizes (30x60, 60x60 and 60x120 cm) and 3 surfaces (natural, bush-hammered and brushed). Ideal for all types of location (indoor and outdoor) and all types of use (commercial and residential), the Monolith collection also includes 30x30 cm modules that mix the dark colours (black + grey and black + wengè), skirting and step trim tiles, and three-dimensional mesh-mounted brickwork pattern modules in regular square and rectangular sizes with uneven relief surfaces, which reproduce all the striking effect of a split stone wall covering.